IDFA (International Discussion Forum of Agriculture) is a program from External Departement of Agronomy and Horticulture student Association (Himagron). IDFA is held on June 7, 2015 at Saung Wira, Ciawi from 8 AM to 4 PM. The Participants of IDFA are AGH students, Vietnam and Thai Students. Moreover, this activity was attended by students of the National University, Jakarta. The purpose of IDFA is to discuss about the experiences of agricultre in each country of participants so it can be used as the evaluation of each participants.


This program is started with an opening from the master of ceremony (MC), opening speech by the chief executive of the program and the chairman of Himagron . After that, the participants are having a trip to Saung Wira. When they got to Saung Wira, the participants welcomed with the owner of Saung Wira herself and afterwards we have to enjoying the music presented by the traditional instrument called angklung. The participants was so happy and very attracted with the show. Saung Wira’s angklung players was able to presenting the local pop songs besides of the traditional songs, and even they could presenting some international songs such as price tag by Jessie J and What makes you beautiful by One Direction. Besides only watching the show, the participants have a chance to playing the instruments together by playing I have a dreams by Westlife. After the show was over, the participants have a chance to take the photograph together with all the Saung Wira’s angklung players. Afterwards they have to listened to the lecture about how to make a bamboo handicraft product and training about how to make ‘Bokashi’ an organic fertilizer. The next activity is a tour around Saung Wira and observing the process of making a processed husk and compost. And after that the participants was gathered inside the hall to have a lunch.


The served food is an Indonesian traditional food there are grilled chicken, karedok, sayur asem and lalapan. After lunch, they conducted focus group discussion or FGD. The topic of the FGD was Integrated Farming System to Facing ASEAN economic community. The participants were separated into two big groups. Each group was very enthusiastic with the topic. After the discussion was over, the moderator was making a conclusion that every nation in ASEAN was preparing to face the AEC and Integrated Farming system was become a strategic step that could be a role model to develop the agriculture for AEC. This program was ended at 4 PM.


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