Tokyo Tech Indonesian Commitment Award (TICA) 2014

Explore Your Passion Through Science and Technology

TICA invites submissions for our 2014 Research Paper Contest for undergraduate students and those who have graduated in 2014 from Indonesian universities. The purpose of this contest is to inspire, promote, and support students engaging in the research in the sciences and engineering disciplines towards an innovation nation. We are holding three clusters this year:

• Cluster 1: Social Science & Engineering, which covers Econnomics, Industrial Management, Human & Decision Science, Architecture & Urban Planning, Environmental Building & Engineering, etc.

• Cluster 2: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, which covers Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Power Engineering, Information Science & Technology, Robotics & Mechatronics, Control & System Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

• Cluster 3: Applied Science & Engineering, which covers Applied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Astronomy, Bioscience & Biotechnology, Energy Science & Engineering, Materials & Metallurgical Science Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Science & Engineering, etc.

The contest has the following requirements:

• Originality. Each paper must be an original and must be the author’s own work. Papers previously published are not eligible.

• Format. The paper must follow the format provided by TICA 2014 committee.

• Authors. All undergraduates students or 2014 graduates from Indonesian universities. The competition is only open for Indonesian students.

• Coauthors. Papers written by more than one student are permitted.

• Advisors. Papers must be approved by at least one advisor from the university authors belong to.

• One Submission. Students may submit only one paper as first author.

The awards for each winner are:

• Tokyo & campus tours for 3 best papers (one person for each paper)

• Plaque & certificate for 10 best papers

• Proceeding TICA 2014 for 30 best papers

Start for submission — May 1, 2014
Deadline for submission −− June 30, 2014

For further information :

Email : tica2014@ppi-tokodai.net
Twitter : @tica_tokodai
FB : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ticatokyotech/



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