Dear YSEALI Members
Applications are now live for the YSEALI Generation: Power of Entrepreneurship regional exchange workshop !
Application deadline: midnight EST on April 8, 2015~

This regional exchange will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam May 27-31. All interested YSEALI members can apply via the on-line application:
It will focus on training 60 youth from ASEAN countries entrepreneurial skills and mindsets necessary to successfully start and grow businesses. The participants will be comprised of YSEALI members who have a business idea and are considering starting a business. The workshop is designed to instill knowledge on entrepreneurship that includes core skills for scaling up a new venture, ability to impart this information to others, and expand network of business owners who they can reach out to for on-going professional growth.
Please consider the following criteria when applying to participate in this opportunity:
1) Must be a YSEALI member (registration at prior to applying)
2) Able to participate in full event (May 27-31)
3) Has not participated in a YSEALI U.S. or regional exchange previously
4) Between the ages of 18 and 30
5) Evidence to demonstrate that s/he is committed to becoming a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur (an “inside” entrepreneur, or entrepreneur within an existing organization who uses entrepreneurial skills to turn a new idea into a profitable venture for the company)
6) Has a well thought out entrepreneurial idea that they are passionate about pursuing. “Well thought out” infers that they have validated that there is a need and a business model behind the idea and confirmed this through identifying a market for the venture
7) Committed to using the training they receive at this workshop to take action on their venture
Best regards
YSEALI Generation

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